Bessie at Superdawg in Wheeling, Illinois.

Adrian’s Frozen Custard + Superdawg

Bessie delivers the usual suspects down to Adrian’s Custard in Burlington, Wisconsin, for dinner and custard with the Milwaukee Minis. Dinner was hot dogs all-around. If you don’t like hot dogs, you’ll just have Adrian’s custard for dinner. I had a delicious rocky road sundae for dessert. Thank goodness I only had one hot dog! View photos…

Continuing south, the Chicago MINI Motoring Club invited the Milwaukee Minis for a night out at Superdawg in Wheeling, Illinois. Luckily, the beautiful weather held and we enjoyed meeting with our friends below the border. For dinner, I had a rare treat – grilled cheese on dark rye. As the sun set, it was time for some cubes of ice cream. Yes, cubed ice cream made especially for Superdawg. I had mine in sundae form drizzled with fudge and surrounded by wafer cookies. I never learn not to eat too much ice cream! View photos…

Adrian’s Frozen Custard


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