Mini on the Mack 2015 + Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor

Bessie missed out on a chance to break the world record! Luckily, we were over a hundred short at 1,319 Minis making their way to the Mackinac Bridge for the World’s Longest Parade of Minis. Whew! Allen, my boyfriend, and I travelled back to St. Ignace for our anniversary of our first impromptu date. Allen even won me a ring from the Gold Mine jewelry store of the Mackinac Bridge. We also took the ferry over to Mackinac Island where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Sorry, Minis – no ice cream escapades photos for you! However, we did enjoy the ice cream at Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor, Mini golf on real grass and butterflies, lots of butterflies.

View photos of Mini on the Mack…

View photos of Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor and Mackinac Island…

The Drive Starts
The Mackinac Bridge
Into St. Ignace

Mini on the Mack

Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor


Ice Cream + Car Cruise + MINI On The Mack

Our latest ice cream runs took us to Fred’s Drive-In and Gilles Frozen Custard. Both are delicious choices for dinner and dessert.

The Brew City Car Cruise was the usual intriguing turnout of Minis, BMWs and more.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, MINI on the Mack! Bessie started off the trip by turning 150,000 miles on the odometer while driving through Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin. Her luck continued for a wonderful time up in St. Ignace and Mackinaw City. She meandered around the backroads with her fellow 847.5 Minis before continuing across the Mackinaw Bridge. The Minis gathered for a round of horn honking to the tune of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” which achieved a World Record for Largest Car Horn Ensemble. To round out the weekend, Bessie has now been in three countries, adding Canada to her list of destinations visited.

Fred’s Drive-In

Gilles Frozen Custard

Brew City Car Cruise

Mini on the Mack


Scoop deVille + Fall Foliage Drive & Poker Run 2012

The Milwaukee Minis ventured north this month to gather at Scoop deVille in Hartford. For dinner, it was hot dogs all around, followed by homemade Ice Cream. The ice cream parlor also has old-fashioned fountain sodas, candy, roasted nuts and chocolates wrapped up in a 1950’s themed diner. You’ll know you’re near it when you smell the wonderful aroma of cinnamon wafting out from the door! View Photos…

Finally, the beauty of Fall was painting the land and the Milwaukee Minis were ready to take in the colors. The Fall Foliage Drive and Poker Run took us around the hills surrounding the Holy Hill area, well known for it’s fall colors and twisty roads. Our final destination brought us to Revere’s Wells Street Tavern in Delafield for poker door prizes, merry drinks, and a much relished lunch. View Photos…

Scoop deVille

Fall Foliage Drive & Poker Run 2012

Bessie at Boy Blue of America

Boy Blue of America + Brew City Car Cruise

It’s double-header of nights on the town with the Milwaukee Minis! Our first night began at the humble Boy Blue of America. The last Boy Blue in Milwaukee took us back to simpler times of the chiller-diller, nut bar and fudge royale . A simple, soft-serve ice cream sundae with hot fudge and peanuts was just the treat for me. View photos…

The next evening, the club motored on to the Brew City Car Cruise held at the Highland House in Mequon. It was BMW night and a few Minis showed their expensive cousins what cool was all about. It’s not all German engineering though. Muscle cars, race cars and even an Amphicar also were at the scene. View photos…

Boy Blue of America

Brew City Car Cruise

Bessie at Superdawg in Wheeling, Illinois.

Adrian’s Frozen Custard + Superdawg

Bessie delivers the usual suspects down to Adrian’s Custard in Burlington, Wisconsin, for dinner and custard with the Milwaukee Minis. Dinner was hot dogs all-around. If you don’t like hot dogs, you’ll just have Adrian’s custard for dinner. I had a delicious rocky road sundae for dessert. Thank goodness I only had one hot dog! View photos…

Continuing south, the Chicago MINI Motoring Club invited the Milwaukee Minis for a night out at Superdawg in Wheeling, Illinois. Luckily, the beautiful weather held and we enjoyed meeting with our friends below the border. For dinner, I had a rare treat – grilled cheese on dark rye. As the sun set, it was time for some cubes of ice cream. Yes, cubed ice cream made especially for Superdawg. I had mine in sundae form drizzled with fudge and surrounded by wafer cookies. I never learn not to eat too much ice cream! View photos…

Adrian’s Frozen Custard