100,000! Here's to 1,000,000 more!

Bessie is 100,000 miles young!

Fate nearly wiped Bessie out today at 99,998 miles. A flock of turkeys decided to take flight just as Bessie passed. They, of course, decided to cross the road. Luckily, we didn’t find out why, they all made it safely across and Bessie traveled on for another 2 miles to hit…

100,000 miles! Yeah!

So, in preparation for this momentous occasion, the camera was in hand and on at 99,998 miles. Unfortunately, in my efforts to avoid the turkeys, the camera was forgotten. Or perhaps it was fortunate since I’m still here to talk about it and bring you a photo and video of the 100,000 mile mark. Also available, Bessie’s “anniversary” gift of a car wash video. It’s not thrilling. Don’t watch it. You’ve been warned.

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