Trick Or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

It's that time again. Is it the changing weather? The falling leaves? The rotation of the wardrobe? No, time to decide whether Bessie should look sporty or lose some of that edge with the gain of a bit of seasonal decor. Though the photo is incomplete and difficult to take, here she is...

Roll the dice when theres no coin to flip.

Roll ’em

You just don't see dice hanging in people's cars anymore. These are a transplant from my dad's T-bird. They're a bit distracting really, but we'll see how I like them in the long run. If you have any opinions, drop Bessie a line.

A London MINI with F.I.R.


Bessie has a new CD. The long awaited F.I.R. CDs finally came in the mail. There's nothing better than motoring in a MINI with F.I.R. playing. I never ever buy things without full and complete research into what I'm buying. However, the latest F.I.R. album, Unlimited, I bought completely unheard and was not disappointed! I