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The New Italian Job Classic Mini

Charlize Theron’s Classic Mini?

Jenny and Brian came across this Red, Classic Mini Cooper at The Auto Collections while on vacation in Las Vegas. The sign says next to it says: “1963 Austin Mini Cooper used in the movie, The Italian Job. This is the car that was driven by Charlize Theron in the movie. Price $59,500.” It even sports a title with Paramount as the owner.

But oddly enough, the internet produced different information about the Mini driven in the movie. This is from “The red Mini Cooper driven by Stella at the beginning of the film is a nod to the Mini Coopers from the original The Italian Job (1969). It is a vastly different model to the one featured in the original, though, being a late Rover-produced model made in the late-’90s, not an Austin Mini Cooper Mk1 as was used in the original film.”

So, I’m not quite sure who to believe. Either way, I could have about 6 classic Minis for that price. If anyone has an answer to this mystery, let me know.


MINI Clubman Debut

Bessie traveled to International Autos, Milwaukee, to visit the youngest member of the new MINI line, the MINI Clubman. We didn’t get a chance to take a spin in the new Clubman. However, we did get a chance to trample through the spacious backseat. No one I know walked purchased a Clubman, but our curiosity was satiated. My aesthetic sense is still not quite happy with the back contrast. Here’s to hoping they make those body colored next year. Bessie was thankful she wasn’t being replaced by the younger, roomier model. View photos…