200,000 Miles!

Bessie achieved a major milestone on May 5, 2017. She made it to 200,000 miles! Special thanks to my boyfriend, Allen, who’s hard work has kept her going these last 50,000 miles. Bessie’s automatic transmission received a much needed overhaul to keep running without a complete replacement. Plus, Allen keeps her fit with oil changes, brake jobs and other maintenance. Here’s to her next 200,000! I hope Allen is ready. Bessie and I sure are!

MINI Takes the States – Chicago!

Bessie can’t wait! I can’t wait! Jenny can wait, but she is eagerly anticipating MTTS Chicago. We’ll be there for three days of, well, I don’t really know. I wish we had more details. But whatever we do, we’ll have lots of great memories! If you’d like to stay at the same hotel as us, just drop me an email at bessie@cpilgrim.com.

Bessie and I would love to go to Boston, but we’d someone to help keep the petrol prices low. Let me know if you want to split the cost of the trip!

Be Nice

If you don’t already recognize Bessie by her shining graces, she’s got a new mirror ornament. Though air freshener’s sprucy odor was pleasant, the scent has thankfully gone away and left only one message “Be Nice or Leave – Thank You.”