200,000 Miles!

200,000 Miles!

Bessie achieved a major milestone on May 5, 2017. She made it to 200,000 miles! Special thanks to my boyfriend, Allen, who’s hard work has kept her going these last 50,000 miles. Bessie’s automatic transmission received a much needed overhaul to keep running without a complete replacement. Plus, Allen keeps her fit with oil changes, brake jobs and other maintenance. Here’s to her next 200,000! I hope Allen is ready. Bessie and I sure are!

Mini on the Mack 2015 + Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor

Bessie missed out on a chance to break the world record! Luckily, we were over a hundred short at 1,319 Minis making their way to the Mackinac Bridge for the World’s Longest Parade of Minis. Whew! Allen, my boyfriend, and I travelled back to St. Ignace for our anniversary of our first impromptu date. Allen even won me a ring from the Gold Mine jewelry store of the Mackinac Bridge. We also took the ferry over to Mackinac Island where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Sorry, Minis – no ice cream escapades photos for you! However, we did enjoy the ice cream at Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor, Mini golf on real grass and butterflies, lots of butterflies.

View photos of Mini on the Mack…

View photos of Sadie’s Ice Cream Parlor and Mackinac Island…

The Drive Starts
The Mackinac Bridge
Into St. Ignace

British Car Field Day 2015

A gorgeous day for looking at gorgeous British cars, plus a few invaders from across the channel. Bessie took video of our classic Mini and Allen’s Coupe on the way to the show with our new GoPro Camera. Good news! It didn’t fall off! Allen’s MINI Coupe and tear-drop camper stole the hearts of the voters again winning first place in the New MINI category. Enjoy photos of the show…

Bonus! Enjoy this video of the Chicago MINI Motoring Club + Milwaukee MINIS Spring Drive 2015. Watch it on Youtube…